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Flexible telephone systems for today's businesses

Once upon a time, a fixed-line telephone system was adequate for most businesses. With today's mobile workforces, that's no longer the case. Streamline Voice & Data has flexible, solutions that support your growing business, its teleworkers, and all kinds of mobile professionals.


We recommend VoIP or “hosted PBX” service for most businesses. A hosted IP PBX uses Internet Protocol (IP) with a cloud-based phone server to create a versatile, scalable, adaptive telephone network.


VoIP service helps you cut monthly costs by eliminating the need for multiple carriers, high PRI charges, and outdated PBX equipment.

Streamline Voice & Data’s VoIP solutions deliver business-class, fully hosted, and managed service that grows and expands with your company. You also get a great set of benefits that help you SAVE on your communications system.

Effective IP PBX business telephone solutions

Numerous benefits of a hosted IP PBX

  • Business continuity during power outages or other events

  • Reduced communication costs

  • A rich array of features

  • Anywhere, anytime (you want)

  • Easy management and maintenance

  • Easy to use

Communications companies come and go, but with us, you can count on over 25 years of industry experience and longevity.

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Unified communications across multiple devices and platforms

Let us help your sales teams, call centers, and technicians communicate with one another quickly and conveniently with unified communications. We can build a phone system for your company that fully integrates all your different computers and devices.

  • Laptops, smartphones (iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, etc.), iPads, Windows Surfaces, and more

  • Allows managers and supervisors to see the status of each user on the system

  • Allows administrators to see off-hook statuses

  • Allows users to text other users from any device in real time

  • Allows users to access voicemail messages as WAV files through their email accounts

  • Enables smartphones and softphones to operate remotely through Wi-Fi for local, international, and intercom calls

  • Offers video chat and collaboration in any commercial phone system or service

To get a phone system that enhances your ability to do business, handles the necessary bandwidth, and fits your budget, contact Streamline Voice & Data. Ask for a FREE estimate.

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Reduce telephony cost and enjoy incredible savings of approximately 20% to 40%. VoIP platform eliminates the need for multiple PBX and PSTN gateways, allowing a company to operate on one hosted and managed service.

Reduce Communication Expeditures

No Boundries! Anytime, Anywhere

With calling features like Find me, Follow me, Simultaneous Ring and IPFone Anywhere, your employees are allow to be more responsive than ever before. Our four-digit dialing between all locations and on mobile devices, your team is always connected to each other.

Huge Amount Features Available

Businesses cannot stay competitive with legacy technology, and our VoIP Platform can be a catalyst for change. Answer calls on your mobile device or laptop, make calls from any device as you are in the office, listen to your voicemails anywhere, get faxes in your inbox, and a lot more.

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