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Broadband and Internet service solutions

For today's businesses, reliable connectivity is more important than ever. As businesses move more and more of their data services to “the cloud”, steady, dependable Internet connections with enough bandwidth to handle the traffic is vital to productivity. Streamline Voice & Data is ready to provide your company with the optimal solution for your business, based on a thorough needs analysis. We'll determine your usage and bandwidth needs, which will help us determine the most appropriate option for your company.

One of the first steps in creating a custom Internet and IP phone system for your business will be a thorough needs analysis. We'll determine your usage and bandwidth needs, and that will help us determine the appropriate service for your company.


Let us help you navigate the complex array of providers and options. Our guidance is part of our service and comes at no extra cost to you!

Knowledgeable guidance through Internet options

For your telephone service, we offer local and long-distance contracts from all major carriers. For businesses that require more telephone resources, we recommend a hosted IP PBX.

A full range of phone and broadband services

  • Basic analog lines

  • DSL / Uverse or cable Internet

  • T-1 lines

  • FixedAir Wireless or WiMAX

  • Metro Ethernet (Metro E) — from AT&T or Fibernet Direct

  • Packages with or without SLAs (service level agreements)

  • Broadband speeds based on your budget and data requirements

We'll help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your Internet service options. In general, we prefer the stable Internet services provided by AT&T, Fibernet Direct, and WiMAX over the services offered by cable providers like Comcast and Atlantic Broadband. We find that you get a higher level of reliability with a Metro E connection backed by a service level agreement (SLA).


Metro E is becoming standard in companies with 10 or more users. A strong second choice is T-1 service, although it's becoming less attractive as Metro E rates drop.


On the other hand, we understand that budgets have limits. For remote offices with only a few users, an IP telephone using an Internet service provided by a cable company might be the wise economic choice. In any case, you can count on Streamline Voice & Data to help you cut through the technical jargon, evaluate your needs and budget, and get telephone and Internet systems with the performance you demand.

Wisely balancing cost and Internet performance

Keeping your business operational when something goes wrong is important to us. The VoIP or “Cloud PBX” solutions from Streamline Voice & Data are delivered over a multi-redundant network that is designed to withstand everything from minor disasters to major catastrophic events. In the event of any crisis from an equipment failure to a hurricane, your phone system will continue operating.


Your callers won't hear the fast busy signal that's common when an on premise PBX phone system fails. To find out more about Internet and telephone services built for business continuity, contact us. We also offer FREE demonstrations and FREE estimates.

Telephone service you can trust when things go wrong

Our 25 years of experience is vital in identifying the optimal solutions for your company’s phone and internet needs.

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